Change the Text Size in Windows 7

1.Right click on the desktop and select Screen Resolution.

screen resolution

2. Click "Make text and other items larger or smaller"

Click make text larger or smaller

3.Select a percentage: Smaller, Medium or Larger (100, 125 or 150 percent) and click Apply.

click percentage and apply

4.Log off and on again(or restart the computer).

If you're happy with the results, stop here. If not, you can try to set a custom percentage.

5.Click "Set custom text size (DPI)"in the left navigation after you've navigated back to the Display settings window.

set custom display size

A pop-up window with a ruler appears.

6. Type a number into the percentage box(ex: 135 percent) and click Ok.

enter a percentage

7.Click Apply on the next screen and then log on and log off.

Click Apply