In order to book a room, please use your calendar in Outlook to select the ‘New Meeting’ option then click the ‘Rooms...’ button that sit next to the Locations box.
Do not type in the location if you plan to use a room at the Central Office. This can lead to errors and missed bookings.

Click the 'Rooms...' button and choose your desired room from the list. Using the Scheduling Assistant will also give you more detail on the room’s and your attendees’ availability.

*If you click on the Scheduling Assistant button and do not see your room listed with a green room icon, you have not booked it.

It is not necessary to go through the Administrative staff to choose a room but, for the larger conference rooms, administrative staff will check availability and resources before approval. In other words, booking these rooms will not be an automatic process. Capacity and resource needs will be reviewed so you must include all persons’ email addresses that you expect to be in your meeting as invitees when you attempt a booking on your own.

You can do this by clicking on the ‘Scheduling Assistant’ in Outlook and adding attendees one-by-one.

You can also add a group in the ‘To…’ field then click the plus [+] button in the Scheduling Assistant to see their availability for your booking.