Step 1: On the homepage at the top-left corner of window, click on “Add Client” to open the workflow window. There is a student intake workflow for BAM/WOW participants and a general student intake for all other programs.

Step 2: Once you select a workflow, a new window will open. You can either start a new workflow (enter a new client) or resume a workflow that you previously started but had not completed.

Step 3: When you click on “New Workflow” a new window will open which will prompt you to begin entering identifying student information.

  • Please check for duplicates before entering all student information. 
    Enter The first initial of the first and last name and click on the “Check for Duplicates” button
    This will keep the search parameters as open as possible and minimize the possibility of entering a duplicate student.

  • If “Duplicate Check Results” produce no possible duplicates, click on “This is a new client” and continue. 
    If results are produced, please review them and ensure the student you’re entering is not already in the system. 
    If the student exists already, select the student and his/her information will populate the information fields.

  • If you have the CPS Student ID available, select “Yes” in the “StudentID Collected” field. If you enter yes, you will be required to enter a student ID. 

  • Click next when all required information has been entered.

Step 4: Once finished with identifying information you will move onto “Student Information” where you will be prompted to enter demographic data for the student.

  • Every field beside “DCFS ID Number” requires input. 
  • Should you have the SSN, enter that in “SSN” field and select “Full” to indicate you entered a full SSN number. 
    If you only have a partial SSN, enter what you have and enter “Partial” as an option. 
    If the client doesn’t know, refused to provide or you just don’t have the SSN, select those options and the system will not require an SSN. 
  • Click next when done. Or click previous if you need to correct or make changes to previous form.

Step 5: Next you will be prompted to enter student address information.

  • Enter address and unit number (if any) in designated fields only.
  • When you click on the Zip Code box, a window will pop up that allows you to search for zip code (below). 
    Do not enter city or state. Once you find the Zip Code, those fields will be auto-populated.

  • Once all address fields have been populated click on “Verify Address” to obtain Longitude and Latitude points. 
    This field is required.

  • If there are multiple results showing for the address you entered, click on the address that best matches the student address. 
    To select an address, click anywhere on the shaded box.
  • Click next when done. Or click previous if you need to correct or make changes to previous form.

Step 6: Lastly, you will be prompted to enter student contact information. 



  • The only required field in the form is student e-mail address information. 
    Please make all efforts to obtain a student e-mail address as student will need it to access any and all assessments.
  • Once you click save, the student will be saved in the database. 
    Should you need to pause the workflow and come back, please at minimum complete steps 1-6 of this guide. Only after steps 6 does a student actually get saved in the system. 

Living Situation

Step 1: The portion of the workflow will allow the counselor to document the student’s current living situation. 
To enter a new living situation, click on the “Add New” button on the upper-right hand side of the screen.


Step 2: Once you click on “Add New” a new window will pop up that allows you to enter all the relevant information about students current living situation.

  • The begin date can be one of many dates. For example, if the student has been in this current situation her whole life, then birthday would be Begin Date. 
    If the student is not aware of when she entered into this living situation, enter the date you found out of this living situation
    This field becomes much more important if and when the student changes living situation as there will be a definite end date. 
    This will allow Youth Guidance to track changes in living situations throughout time. 
  • Click save when done. This will bring you back to the “Add New” screen. Click “Done in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen to proceed to Contacts.


Step 1: Click “Add New” to add a new contact or click on wheel next to names of existing contacts to edit their information (i.e. change in phone number).

Step 2: Enter all the information you have been able to obtain for specific contact. Fields with blue stars next to them are required.