How to Order Equipment for New Hires



  • Access the Youth Guidance Website Employees page ( and clicking the Service Desk Portal button. Or, by going to the Youth Guidance SharePoint home page and clicking the Service Desk button.

       Once you’re in, select the Request New Service shopping cart icon.

  •  Select the New Hires folder to the left and you will see the hardware options available to you for each standard user type:


  • Laptop Bundle 1. This is for Remote staff. For example, this package may be a great option for BAM Counselors, STRIVE employees and Youth Workforce Development employees. It includes all accessories that the employee may need as optional add-ons. Once you’ve selected this bundle, you can choose to add a mobile phone, hotspot, wireless mouse, et cetera. *


  • Laptop Bundle 2. This is for Central Office (Chicago or Boston) staff. It has the same items as Laptop Bundle 1 but contains additional options – if chosen – like a docking station, dual/extra monitors and security cables to lock equipment to a desk. *


  • Windows Desktop. This should be a selection for a New Hire who is not expected to be mobile or work from remote locations like home or schools.  Be sure to check off each optional item that you’d like added to the cart before you submit.
  • Most importantly, look to the right before checking out your cart to where it says, ‘Request for someone else.’ (see Fig. 4.). You must tick this box and add the email address of the person who will be receiving the new equipment. If you don’t know what their email address for Youth Guidance is (or will be) yet, please contact a member of the IT Department for this information.